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The Perfect Proposal

7 steps to secure a 'yes'! 

41 will set the perfect mood for you and your loved one. We can help you plan every detail to make it as easy as possible for you to pop the question!

So do not fear, 41 is here to help create a magical moment, impossible to refuse. Follow these 7 steps to the perfect Hotel 41 proposal:

  • Choose your location – whether you decide to ask in the bedroom, in front of the fireplace or in the restaurant, maybe a picnic in the park or in a hot air balloon, we can help plan it.
  • Let us help you set the mood with a bottle of fine Champagne on arrival or a Romantic Turndown for your return to the hotel with candles, flowers, music and a bottle of vintage Champagne to celebrate. You can make it as pure and simple or as romantic and extravagant as you like, we can arrange it!
  • We can also help with organising a couples massage to help soothe nerves and ensure you both feel as pampered and special as possible.
  • If you do not want to go out, let us arrange a special candle lit supper, with oysters, asparagus and some chocolate dipped strawberries.
  • Now it is over to you - the mood is set, the room is ready and the Champagne is on ice. Take a deep breath and…
  • What to do the next morning? Once you have asked the magic question, and received a resounding YES, you want to celebrate in style. Enjoy a Champagne breakfast and then take them shopping - we will recommend the best boutiques and stores for some wonderful retail therapy!
  • It does not end there. Book 41 for 2 nights on your 1st anniversary to relive the memories of your special first time with us, and we will even include a bottle of complimentary champagne for you at your request!

So there you have it. If you are ready to pop the question, we have got the perfect answer!