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Complimentary treats at 41

At 41 you are invited to graze all day on a range of tempting snacks and treats with our compliments.

On arrival and departure

The moment you walk through the door you will feel like royalty. As you take a seat to check in we will roll over our Champagne trolley containing four different types for you to choose from. 


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Cocktails, wine and dining at bbar

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When you get to your room, a plate of fresh home-made delicacies will be waiting. When the time comes for you to leave we will send you off with water and our Founder & President Mrs Tollman's famous rusks for your journey ahead. 

Graze all day

After breakfast until 6.30pm we provide a wide selection of complimentary snacks including fresh fruit, crisps, popcorn and a tempting choice of dried fruit, nuts, sweets, chocolates and toffees. Complimentary still and sparkling water is always to hand. As you head off for the day we even provide little snack bags to ward off the hunger pangs.

Ice cream

Help yourself to our tubs of Judes Ice Cream throughout the day. We provide a variety flavours including Salted Caramel, Chocolate and Black Coconut.

Cream Tea

At 2pm freshly baked scones with jam and clotted cream are added to the snack bar to tempt you! These are available until 5pm. 

Snack selection

After Midday you can nibble away to your heart's content, whilst you relax with a drink we'll serve you a selection of complimentary snacks including cheese straws, egg dip, olives and candied nuts. These are available until 6:00pm. 

Evening canapés

Between 5pm and 7pm every evening we invite you to join us in the Executive Lounge to enjoy some canapés. You’ll be served three of these delicious appetisers alongside our delightful Croque Monsieur’s.

Plunder the pantry

There's no need to worry about going to bed hungry - from 8pm until 1am we offer a tempting spread that includes a veritable feast of delicious snacks, nibbles and treats. There’s the opportunity to create your own salad, feast on our freshly baked breads which perfectly complement our daily cheese board. Enjoy a classic British savory pastry snack or simply sample one of our delicately prepared jars of which we have a fish and vegan option. To finish it off we also have a wonderful selection of tempting desserts.

It’s the perfect answer if you've just been to the theatre and want a light meal before heading to bed or for a midnight feast and those cravings you get just before falling asleep. It’s a bit like being at home with a well-stocked fridge you can dip into whenever you choose - only better, because the selection is huge, and there’s no washing up!

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Plunder the Pantry