Our most sustainable hotels and green initiatives


From the largest Living Wall in London to protecting South Africa's rare Cape Leopard, discover Red Carnation's most inspiring work.



22nd July 2019

Red Carnation Hotels

Whether set beneath South Africa’s immense skies or in the busy heart of London, each Red Carnation Hotel is uniquely designed to preserve the heritage of its surroundings as well as the local ecosystem. Ask any member of staff about our social projects and green initiatives, and they’ll be happy to share how we’re helping to protect the planet. Here, we visit our most sustainable hotels around the world, each on a mission to serve the local community and conserve precious natural resources.

Sustainable Hotels

Protecting South Africa’s wildlife and ancient heritage

A country replete with vast, storied landscapes, Red Carnation Hotels’ South African properties fiercely protect the wildlife and natural wonders in their vicinity. Bushmans Kloof partners with the Cape Leopard Trust to protect the rare cat that roams the Cederberg. Seven Anatolian shepherd dogs now guard the local livestock and ward off the leopards, eliminating the need for the community to intervene and potentially harm them. The reserve also acts as a custodian for more than 130 rock art sites, painted by Bushmen tribes thousands of years ago.

Sustainable Hotels

Meanwhile, The Oyster Box incentivises guests to do their bit for the pristine shoreline along Umhlanga Rocks. Exchange a bucket of rubbish cleared from the beach for a complimentary cocktail or milkshake on The Ocean Terrace.

Ground-breaking green initiatives

From removing single-use plastics from across the entire collection to targeted green initiatives at each hotel, Red Carnation Hotels strives to build a more sustainable future. The Rubens at the Palace and Hotel 41 are home to the largest Living Wall in London, comprising 10,000 herbaceous plants. The 350-square-metre vertical garden improves the quality of the air and provides a precious habitat for birds in the centre of London.

Sustainable Hotels

A region that’s experienced water shortages in the past, Cape Town’s The Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa implements myriad methods for conserving water. Reusable ice cubes and collecting rain water are but a few of these. Our dedicated Water Team are constantly developing new innovations, none of which impact the excellent services enjoyed by guests at the hotel.

Smart energy savings

Conserving the planet’s precious resources, The Egerton House Hotel’s luxurious guest rooms feature sumptuous fabric-lined walls. Not only do they help to retain heat, they also avoid the use of harmful paints. The hotel’s elegant chandeliers, lights and lamps are fitted with energy-efficient bulbs, while paper, plastic, metal—and even candle wax—are fastidiously recycled by the staff.

Sustainable Hotels

Supporting the UK’s bee population

To help to conserve the world’s bees, The Chesterfield Mayfair has installed a hive for 120,000 bees atop its roof, while The Montague on the Gardens has constructed hives in its garden to accommodate around 20,0000. Both based in central London, the hotels seek to protect the UK’s bees for years to come, as well as maintain the natural ecosystems that they pollinate.

Sustainable Hotels

Support the environment while enjoying prime hospitality at Red Carnation Hotels’ forward-thinking and sustainable hotels.

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