Meet the Founder of The Hotel Nanny


Angela Roach tells us about the setting up and incredible success of the Hotel Nanny.


25th May 2016

Hotel 41

Having successfully worked as a nanny herself, Angela Roach was inspired to set up The Hotel Nanny, providing the same high level of childcare a nanny offers within the home environment but now within luxury hotels. Working in partnership with our London hotels, this venture focuses on bringing the highest calibre of personal childcare to our guests travelling with young children. We spent time with Angela to hear the story behind The Hotel Nanny, and find out what makes this unique offering stand out.

How did The Hotel Nanny begin and how has it grown since?

“I started The Hotel Nanny to marry first class nanny care with the luxury hotel world, as there are more children then ever staying with their parents on luxury hotel breaks. I had been a guest at a hotel myself when I wanted to enjoy the spa facilities, but I couldn’t because I had my six-month-old daughter with me. That started the ball rolling because I knew I couldn’t be the only parent feeling that way. Since our start-up six years ago, we have placed all of our focus on delivering an impeccable nanny service for exclusive hotels.”

How do you select each of the nannies that work for you? What qualities do you look for?

“The nannies have to be comfortable and experienced with all age groups. I personally speak with a number of people from their past family placements, which gives me a wonderful insight into the way the nanny integrated into the family and how well they bonded with the children. So many families offer such a detailed and expansive picture of their former nanny and what they brought to the children’s lives – it’s very heart-warming indeed. I also look for great presentation, great manners and my passion for this has led me to launch The Hotel Nanny Training School.”

The Hotel Nanny

How has your personal experience as a nanny helped you in setting up this company?

“It has helped me sit on both sides of the fence, as a nanny myself but then later as a mother. I was very lucky when I was a nanny as I worked with some fabulous families and it was a wonderful reciprocation of energy where the family value you so highly for caring and nurturing their children, and similarly I valued them for being such a wonderful warm and supportive family. It’s an experience I treasure to this day. Therefore, I realise how vital it is for both nannies and families to have the very best and for nannies to feel highly valued. You give the best of yourself when you work in such a positive environment. When the nannies give the very best of themselves, the families and children have a wonderful time, too.”

How do the Hotel Nannies spend the time they have with the children? Are they able to visit sites around London?

“Absolutely. For example, an afternoon might include a picnic for the children to enjoy in one of the many beautiful parks in central London. At Red Carnation hotels a picnic hamper can easily be arranged, and all of our nannies have a ‘Story Basket’ that is carried with them, too. This is a treasure trove of goodies, and if a visit to the park has been planned the nanny will pack her Frisbee and balls. Back at the hotel, the nanny story basket can be emptied of any leaves and flowers that may have been collected on the walk, ready to make a collage to show relaxed parents on their return. Many games, activities and stories can be enjoyed, and the children have lovely memories to take away from the day.”

The Hotel Nanny

What makes The Hotel Nanny stand out?

“The Hotel Nanny is the first of its kind. We can meet the needs of the discerning parents who enjoy staying in these luxury destinations, keeping us heads and shoulders above the rest.”

At Red Carnation hotels, children are cared for by the dedicated staff. Interconnecting rooms ensure families have their own private space, personalised storybooks can be read at bedtime, and at Ashford Castle there’s even a Lego Butler. Whichever Red Carnation hotel a family chooses to stay in, they can be certain every family member will be made to feel at home.

Experience the impeccable service of The Hotel Nanny yourself on a stay in any of our elegant London hotels, where each child is made to feel welcome with children’s menus and concierge who can recommend the best family attractions in the area. At Rubens at the Palace there’s even a Director of Fun & Adventure who is dedicated to making sure each child has the time of their life, and to add to the excitement, there’s a special Little Prince and Princess Afternoon Tea. Whichever London hotel you choose, your children will enjoy their stay as much as you do.

Image credits: Cover and top photographs © The Hotel Nanny. Children and their dog at The Montague © Red Carnation Hotels. A picnic in the park © iStock / fotostorm.

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