Euphoric moments at The Rubens Resort!


The Red Carnation Marketing team were taken in a journey to discover 'Euphoria' at The Rubens, 41 and bbar!


18th November 2011

Hotel 41

With a festive chill in the air and the hotels sparkling Christmas lights twinkling in the night, there was a feeling of mystery and excitement in the air as we (The Marketing Team) approached The Leopard Bar.  We’d been sent summons from the team at The Rubens, 41 & bbar to join them for a night of ‘Euphoria’ – fun, food & drink and indeed it really was!

We were greeted at the Leopard Champagne Bar with a glass of champagne, a promising start, and an explanation of the events and challenges to come…

Champagne at The Leopard Bar

Champagne at The Leopard Bar


Fish & Chips and Champagne!

The first challenge was to sample two glasses of Champagne one a house Champagne and the other from a £5,000 bottle with a glass of water requested to cleanse the palate the competition was on! One by one we went, nibbling on mini fish & chips as we sniffed, tasted, examined and tried to bribe the barman. With the winner announced, ‘time to move along’ our hosts cried…




Kids treats at The Rubens


Fun & Adventure – not just for kids

Task two took us to one of the Junior Suites at The Rubens at the Palace where to our amazement the Director of Fun and Adventure, John Goncalves, had been let loose to create a kid’s haven, showing us how family friendly the hotel can actually be. There were sweeties, been-bags, bath toys, mini robes & slippers, teddy bears and games, not to mention Disney tunes creating a magical ambiance.  As we sampled the beer (strictly for adults) and mini burgers the General Manager, Malcolm Hendry, rolled up his sleeves and stepped into goal. Now this was a mini goal and he is not such a mini man so the challenge to score a goal was tough, but three succeeded and we were whisked from the kid’s toys, with pockets full of sweets onto location three…



Our bbar leopard


The wildness descended to bbar



The next stop – 43 Below – the private party space underneath bbar (perfect for a Christmas party!), next door to the hotel.  Lined up along the bar were icy Mojitos with a suspicious looking character at the end of the bar purring in a leopard jumpsuit, complete with ears! Miaow! With appetites akin to a lion we devoured Boboite Spring Rolls as we completed the next challenge – naming the Big Five. With three beautiful South African hotels this should have been easy…




Romantic treats at 41

The Perfect Proposal

From bbar to five star, we entered the magical doorway into Hotel 41, where we were whisked up to one of their fabulous Hospitality Suites. The lights had dimmed , we followed the trail of rose petals into the room and were swooned by the romantic tones from the ipod, candles and scents surrounded us as we were led into the adjoining room and there before us were more drinks and treats but first we had to perform a task. Famous for its proposals that take place in the hotel – we had to (one by one) get down on bended knee and propose to the Director of Sales, Steven.  The competition was stiff and the lines a little cheesy to say the least but true love cannot be mistaken and the lucky winner was congratulated with a specially designed Engagement Cake (double chocolate fudge too!)  Sadly, after such a heartfelt experience we were dismayed to discover Steven to be already married!! Shock horror!


Frozen Delights

Frozen in excitement

Getting even louder still,  it was with a heavy heart that we were then moved to our final destination the Cavalry Bar. Our mission here was to name this Tequila based icy cocktail by this time we were buzzing with ideas and the final possibility of claiming valuable points. In third was ‘Frostbite’ deemed too controversial given Scott died from this, second came ‘ The Final Glacier’ but the winner went to ‘Frozen Planet’  – very topical given the current BBC series showing at the moment (although some suspected it was the fact this idea came from the social media manager that won the top spot!)



After spending the previous 3 hours eating and mixing all sorts of alcoholic drinks, the obvious choice for concluding the night was to head back to bbar for a few more drinks and delicious platters of South Africa inspired cuisine. All in all, a perfect night full of fun, food and a lot of drinks!

Friday morning heaven

What could possibly make it better you ask and for us nothing… until this morning when we received a hand delivered tray of bacon sandwiches complete with sauces on the side! Yes the team at The Rubens, 41 & bbar really do take the RCH motto ‘no request too large, no detail too small’ to heart.



by The RCH Marketing Team

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