Saving the world one water bottle at a time


Red Carnation Partner, Belu, is thoroughly committed to promoting and increasing sustainabilty.


Providing the Red Carnation Hotel Collection with sustainable glass-bottled mineral water as well as filtered water, and so supporting us in our bid to eliminate single-use plastic bottles, Belu is one of our proud partners. The water provider shares many of our ethical principles and is thoroughly committed to promoting and increasing sustainability across the planet. Practising what it preaches, Belu continues to give 100 per cent of its net profits to its charity partner, WaterAid, in a bid to help the reach the 884 million people currently living without clean drinking water. Here, we look at some of Belu’s pioneering initiatives.


Eliminating single-use plastics

Belu’s Water Toolkit is aimed at the UK’s hospitality industry and is intended to help businesses achieve a more sustainable water service. It encourages restaurants to implement changes such as serving filtered water instead of bottled water and significantly reduce their use of single-use plastic bottles. The toolkit was launched in collaboration with the Sustainable Restaurant Association’s plastics guide, which is also designed to help the hospitality industry educate itself around best sustainable practice and put its knowledge into action. The Red Carnation Hotel Collection has pledged to eliminate all single-use plastics from every one of its properties by 2022.

The bigger picture

Belu continues to give 100 per cent of its net profits to its charity partner, WaterAid, in a bid to help the reach the 884 million people currently living without clean drinking water. The company also realises that the sustainability solutions adopted by businesses can have a much greater impact on the world as a whole. Its own business model, where sustainability is king, has garnered several awards. Belu firmly believes that businesses can be successful and bring in a profit while also taking steps to create a more sustainable environment for both the planet and the people that inhabit it.


 Social enterprise

Social Saturday takes place annually on the second Saturday of October and is a chance to celebrate businesses that are prioritising positive social impact, creating ethical products and providing their own solutions to the biggest environmental and social challenges that we face today. Belu is extremely proud to be included in this national campaign led by Social Enterprise UK, and of its pioneering ethos that small changes lead to significant impact.


Stay at Hotel 41 in the heart of London and discover more about the sustainable initiatives undertaken by Red Carnation Hotel Collection.

Image credits: lead image and first image © Belu. Running water iStock/PeopleImages. Boy drinking.

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