Hotel 41's easy (and delicious) croque recipes


Available as part of the hotel's famous Plunder the Pantry service, discover how to make the ultimate croque sandwich.


14th March 2020

Hotel 41

An indulgent French toastie, traditionally served with the crusts cut off and molten cheese oozing from all sides, a croque is simple to make, tempting at any time of day and can be whipped up in minutes. These easy croque recipes come straight from the kitchen at Hotel 41, where guests can order the continental classic at any time of day, including as an evening snack between 8.30pm and 1am as part of our late-night plunder the pantry service.

Easy Croque Monsieur Recipe

Croque monsieur

Serves 1


2 large slices of good quality granary bread
2 - 3 slices smoked cooked ham
2 - 3 slices Cheddar cheese
10g butter (room-temperature)


Butter the bread on both sides, making sure it is generously spread into all four corners.
Layer the ham and cheese slices over one slice of bread, and cover with the other to create a sandwich.
Place the sandwich under a grill for two to three minutes to toast until golden, then remove.
Cut off the crusts.
Divide the sandwich into four squares to serve. Bon appétit!

Easy Croque Monsieur Recipe

Vegetarian croque

Serves 1


2 large slices of good quality granary bread
2 - 3 slices Cheddar cheese
2 slices buffalo tomato
1 cup cooked mushrooms (optional)
10g butter (room-temperature)


Spread the butter on both sides of the bread, making sure it reaches all four corners.
Layer the cheese and tomato slices over one slice of bread, as well as the mushrooms, if using.
Place the other slice of bread on top to create a sandwich and toast for about 3 minutes.
Remove once toasted, cut off the crusts and divide into four. Voila!

Easy Croque Monsieur Recipe


The classic croque is an easy sandwich that ticks many boxes. As well as being a brunch classic or mid-afternoon nibble, it’s also deliciously comforting as a light meal before turning in for the evening, or for a midnight snack.

These easy croque recipes come courtesy of the chef at Red Carnation Hotels’ Hotel 41. Be sure to sample our versions of the French classic when staying with us.

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