Energy Saving


Alongside bigger projects such as our living wall does produce insulation which saves energy, we do also have a number of other energy saving initiatives. We try to encourage both our guests and our staff to save energy where possible by acting responsibly through buying locally, only printing where necessary and reusing items such as bath towels and paper.

Our energy saving efforts include:

Standing proudly – Our Living Wall

Light bulbs

We only use energy efficient light bulbs.

Linen Use

All guests are encouraged to leave towels in the bath if they would like them changed, otherwise they can be reused.

Our Living Wall

Our own Living Wall uses recycled rainwater and is a source of enhanced insulation. The wall is part of the Air Quality Pledge, 2017 from the Council of Westminster.

Green Linen Cards

Guests are provided with a ‘Green Card’, should they wish for their sheets to be changed, the card can be placed on the bed. Without the card, the sheets are not changed, therefore saving energy.

Digital Options

All guests are offered a digital newspaper and their invoice as an email, to save on paper printing.

Ecosia Web Browser

All hotels are encouraged to use the web browser Ecosia, which plants trees with the revenue generated from advertisements. Find the website here.

Low Carbon Boiler

We have installed of a lower carbon footprint boiler, to reduce the use of energy.


The guest rooms feature fabric walls, which retains heat in and avoids the use of harmful paints.


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