Community Involvement


Our concerns for the environment also rely on our guest participation, little details such as ensuring rubbish is disposed of, respecting the landscape and conserving energy where possible not only effects our company, but also our community.

Community involvement is something very close to our hearts, especially for those in the green team. Below is a list of our initiatives from charity events to our running club many of the initiatives are focused on the local community.

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Ethical Travel

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Green Calendars

Green calendars are produced highlighting Green opportunities and events to take part in throughout the year.

Running Club

Our summer “Victoria Royal Runners” Running Club invites members of the public and staff to run together. Find us on twitter.

Sponsored Runs

The running club regularly participate in sponsored runs and walks to raise money for local charities.

Considerate Hotels

We are a member of Considerate Hoteliers.

Green Carnation Week

This is an annual event, which we take part in and run various events and initiatives to raise awareness of being green, for example many of our staff members wear large green carnations for the week.

Easter Initiative

We take part in annual Easter Egg donation to local Children’s Charity.

Earth Hour

Annually we take part in Earth Hour, a worldwide movement, encouraging businesses and people to turn off non-essential electric for one hour.

Kidscape Charity

We are a key supporter of the Kidscape charity, raising money for children that have been bullied or harmed and ensuring they have a safe and secure life.


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